MySQl The Best Programming Language to Create a Database

Structured Query Language(SQL) is a widely used database management system. The main reason behind using MySQL is that it is easy-to-use and compatible with different available operating systems. Any project that requires storing and exploiting a huge amount of data, whether it is processed or raw in nature, is generally based on MySQL. You will be surprised to know that DNA is made up of millions of nucleotides. How scientists are able to analyze such huge data efficiently? Data generated through sequencing projects is exploited with the help of My SQL. As it is easy to write SQL queries, today most of the companies, irrespective of their area or niche, are using this database language to work on a proper state. MySQL is actually a relationship database. It includes a collection of tables or items which are organized into pre-set categories or described tables from which data can be reassembled or accessed in so many varied ways without the need to reorder the database tables. The popularity of MySQL comes from the fact that these databases are not tough to create as well as access. In addition, they are also easy to extend. New data category can be augmented without the need to modify existing applications.

It is one of the widely used and best database management systems though there are number of other databases available also for example Microsoft access, Oracle,Db2 etc but MySql is still the best. We are going to discuss some of the best features of MySql which makes it great.
1. MySql supports multiple storage systems with their own capabilities for example InnoDb and MyISAM. InnoDb supports foreign keys for referential integrity and also supports ACID features while MYISAM was the default storage system in earlier versions. Performance and it s ease of use were its biggest advantages though it lacks the support of transaction.
2. MySql is a high performance database management system which works almost any kind of websites for example supposes you have a website with high traffic volume and you get millions of queries every day even in those tough situations MySql performs great in comparison to its other competitors.
3. MySql is the most robust database management systems. It provides full data integrity as it is support innoDb storage system and automatic deadlock detection.
4. MySql server is capable of securing users information. Securing company’s information or of any individual is the toughest and foremost task of Db professional, Mysql provides best security features available that ensure complete data protection. Mysql provides strong mechanism that ensures only authorized users have entry to the database server. MySql is supported by SSH and SSL which ensures safety and high security. MySql has a feature where information can be encrypted and decrypted ensuring sensitive information is hidden from undesired and unauthorized viewing.Mysql also provides best data recovery features to its user along with the third party software vendors allow complete and point in time recovery of data.
5. MySql provides a great support for application and web development company need for example support for stored procedures, triggers, functions, views etc.It provides connectors and drivers that allows almost all applications to make use of MySql. It almost doesn’t matter what programming language you are using because MySql provides every possible support to the developer and that is why it is one of the most popular database management server.
6. MySql is quiet userfriendly. It is easy to download on almost all plateforms. Once you have in your system features like auto restart and dynamic feature changes lessens most of the burden of developers and make it easy and simple to use.
7. MySql is an opensource database that means it is free to download but for enterprise edition you need to make a payment but that is also cost effective.

When building a relational database, one cannot just extend the data; he or she can even define the domain of possible values in the data column and any additional constraints which one is keen on applying to the value of data. Thus the information becomes more valuable as well as user friendly. There are so many advantages of MySQL. MySQL is very easy to use. You just need fundamental knowledge of SQL as well as database manipulation. This connotes that you do not have to spend lot of money and time on either training the existing staff, or hiring developers for rendering MySQL services.

There are not many databases which can measure up to the security offered by MySQL. It includes solid data security layers which safeguard your important information. Rights can be fixed to permit few or all privileges to either groups or individuals. The passwords are in encrypted form. The access to the database can be put under scanner by some remote machine which can completely control what any user can see. You can even lock the system via the operating system. MySQL can handle any volume of data from just few rows to even fifty million rows. The default size limit of the file is four GB. It manages the memory in a very good manner.

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What Is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is a framework for developing websites and web based application that run smoothly on all devices like, desktops, laptops, smartphones & tablets. It’s a “Mobile First” platform for development of web apps that can run on all device sizes it is also an open-source Javascript framework developed by the team at Twitter. It is a combination of HTML, CSS, and Javascript code designed to help build user interface components. Bootstrap was also programmed to support both HTML5 and CSS3.

More about the framework:

Bootstrap is a responsive design framework that helps develop static websites with ease. It makes the development process simple. The designer now has to only implement the readymade CSS classes on to the web page. The rest is taken care of by Boot strap framework. To get more robust results, bootstrap can be used with content management systems — CMS, like Joomla, Drupal, WordPress etc to further utilize its capacity. The back end can be managed by these CMS platforms, while bootstrap can take care of the front end of the website. The popularity of this mobile first framework can be seen on site like oDesk, Freelance and eLance, where there is a great demand for boot strap developers.


Who uses Bootstrap:

It is used by state governments, multinational companies, NGOs, United Nations and more. The reason for this because it is open-source, reliable and flexible. Boot strap is currently running with more than 500,000 website across world wide web — www.


History of Bootstrap:

Created by the team at Twitter in middle of 2010. The open-source Bootstrap framework was called Twitter Blueprint. After a few months into development, Twitter held the first Hack week, the project was introduced and become an instant hit. Developers from all places started using it without having any training. Initially, for a year it was used as a style guide for the internal projects of the company, until it was released in August 2011. After 2011 release, Bootstrap has had twenty small updates that include the two major updates of v2 and v3. In v2 responsive framework was added as a separate style sheet with options to utilize it for mobile devices. In v3, the framework was made responsive by default with a mobile first approach.

Today Twitter Bootstrap is the most preferred front-end development platform with HTML5 and CSS3 supported. Developer utilizes it for development of websites, web apps and other web based modules.


Functions of Bootstrap

In computer science, more exclusively in the circumstance of working systems, the idiom bootstrap identifies the function after which at least part of the operating system is transferred to reminiscence before being executed by the memory chip. Just blow your mind and solve complicated problems with ease. It keeps you moving on and on and let you to achieve our goal.

Bootstrap is a tremendous tool that solves your all and all problems. Moreover, it gives you a quick start with immediate progression and leads your websites to boost out with little effort and in very very little interval of time. The working procedure of bootstrap includes initialization of kernel data structures, the conception of some customer processes, and the relocate of be in charge of to one of them. Bootstrap is a long and comparatively compound motion, since it involves much of the hardware which initially is in an undefined state. Such hardware’s also include Ram. Moreover it works with all of computer’s instruments in order to give a very productive output without taking any external help. But we can say bootstrap is little dependent on hardware but its only because it is using a schema to give tremendous results.

Though bootstrap is a tool which is well known because of having a lot of fabulous and statistical techniques and tendencies and Out of such technological variability one may use the technology for its templates concurrence. Nimble ad emotional traits regard the templates that attracts you emotionally thus no know can get rid of coming under influence of it. Like information giving by templates should be very cool, quell, and proficient of keeping stability. Colors that are used should be bright and bold for ease of getting g attention of others.

If we falls a look on the functional procedure of bootstrap then it works without taking any external input. its a mediator facet in Cellular networks which provides claim independent functions for reciprocated authentication of user utensils and servers unknown to each other and for ‘bootstrapping’ the replace of covert session keys afterwards. It is multi worker and compiles a lot of files in a single one. And another tremendous work is while compiling it never lose any bit of data. Moreover, recently bootstrap is available is variety of version all with contrasting features. Just like The very contrasting features of Bootstrap 3 Admin Themes are created by a team of designers and developers from a web progress organization with a decade of skills and knowledge Bootstrap 3 Admin Themes whose facets embraces its creation that is created by a team of designers and developers from a web progress organization with a decade of skills and knowledge.

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jQuery And How It Has Revolutionized Javascript

JavaScript is a profound language used in website designing and adding various features to a site. While this language brings in several benefits and understanding it can help you gain competitive edge, it is often quite complex and requires a given level of technical knowledge. Fortunately, there are various tools and features that can be used to simplify JavaScript and reduce the amount of technical coding required. One such feature is JQuery which has become very popular. There are many others to try out although JQuery offers a much easier interface and does not require top technical knowledge to use.

What is JQuery?
It is simply a JavaScript framework or library that is designed with several features to help users to manipulate JavaScript in their websites. This small feature-rich framework enables users to achieve HTML document manipulation and traversal, animation, event handling, and Ajax with much ease. It comes with a user friendly API that works across most browsers and has forever changed how people code JavaScript.

JQuery is more like an abstract layer that takes off much functionality from script writing. With this feature, you will not have to write the many lines of JavaScript. It can be effortlessly used by people who are not JavaScript experts. It does not replace Java but basically offers syntactical shortcuts that produce JavaScript codes.

Benefits of JQuery
The advantages of using this code are quite obvious and straightforward. JavaScript is a technical language and it is quite overwhelming and time consuming to write down all the lines needed to come up with animations, DOM manipulation and AJAX calls. Even the experts admit that the language is never easy to deal with. This is where JQuery comes in. it reduces the time spent in writing lines of codes and also makes it easy for users with less technical script-writing knowledge to write JavaScript for their sites. While a bunch of other JavaScript frameworks exist in the market, JQuery is ultimately the most popular for various reasons. It is quite extendable and you will find its plugins for virtually all tasks. It is this wide range of amazing syntax and plugins that makes it such a powerful framework.

Writing script with JQuery
Scripting languages like HTML and CSS and even regular JavaScript can be written in different text editors including the Windows Notepad. However, the conventional Notepad consumes more time which is why many people prefer other text editors that support Java and depict automation features. JQuery can also be written in any text editor. It works fairly well with text editor that support Java although some special editors will allow you to reap the full potential of JQuery. It is all about the methods and parameters. To use this feature, you will need to add it to the pages where you want to take advantage of its powerful features. You can download it from the official website ( and they offer two versions (production and development).

• Production version – This is the best version for a live website. It is compressed and minified taking less disk space. This is important for your website visitors, especially since they will have to download the JQuery file alongside the website.

• Development version – This is a full version that is perfect for the testing and running environment. This version makes it easy to see where errors appear on the query whenever you run it.

After downloading the framework, it should be referenced in the pages using a <script> HTML tag. It is advisable to place the jquery.js file within the same directory your page appears and reference it in the <head> section. Seasoned users of this framework use a modern way which is downloading the feature from a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Google and Microsoft both host various JQuery versions saving users the time needed to download and save the file. This also has another advantage in that users may already have the JQuery extension in their cache since the origin is from a common URL that many other websites use.

JQuery is definitely the best JavaScript framework available in the market and provides plugins for numerous tasks. It is easy to download and use with simple API that can be understood by anyone with limited scripting knowledge. Although it is advisable to use the framework from a CDN, there are situations where you may need to host JQuery on your own. This will require some skills in scripting and code placement.

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Website Design With Joomla

Joomla is a content management system, otherwise known as a CMS. A content management system is software that makes it possible for a non technical user to edit a website. A CMS differs from the way web sites used to be created with Dreamweaver, or similar programs in several ways. When you create a site with programs like Dreamweaver you need at least some knowledge of html. You create or edit each page using software on your computer then you upload those page files to you website with ftp software.

So how does a CMS work?

With this system there is no need for html software. You log in and edit your site content through web based interface. There is no upload step involved, and no knowledge of html is required. The content of the site is stored in a database, rather that separate page files. Although you don’t have to be concerned with that, because the code of the CMS handles all those details. Behind the scenes from the visitors side, the site won’t look any different that the other websites. When someone visits the site, Joomla reads the content from the database, and uses the template to control how that content will look
on that page. The content management system is designed specifically to keep the site content program code and the layout design all separate. That makes the system very flexible you can change any of the program part without impacting the other two. For example you can easily change the look of your site by switching to another template, while your content remains the same.

How did it all start?

This CMS started in 2015 as a part, off of an early CSS called Mambo. It quickly became more popular than Mambo. Since then it has gone through quite a few versions. All those changes are a good thing, with each version change new features, and capabilities have been added. The frequent update show that the developers are staying on the cutting edge of web technologies, in-fact the mobile features of the new 3.0 version made the system one of the most mobile friendly content management systems. The system is run by volunteers, and has a world wide base of users. The CMS is free while some content management systems can cost from 5000 to 25000 dollars. Joomla sites can be created more quickly than traditional sites, so development cost are generally less, usually in the 100 or 1000 of dollars, depending of the complexity  of the site, but still far cheaper than what most CMS would cost. A lot of the power and versatility of the system is due to the multitude of add on programs that you can add to your site. These add-ons are officially called extensions, and are found in the systems extensions directory. Currently there are nearly 1000 extensions available, you can find just about anything here, from photo galleries, to a component that sells used cars. Most of the extensions are free but some are commercial, and require you to purchase them for your site.

What about other CMSs ?

Joomla isn’t the only CMS two other popular ones are WordPress and Drupal. WordPress started out as blogging software, and over the years it has added more CMS capabilities if all you wanted to is blog, this system  has added some new extensive blogging capabilities. Drupal is more difficult to learn than, this system but it has more features that allow you to create custom applications. If you have a feature that you want for your website, and there isn’t a Joomla extension available for it, you may be able to custom code it in Drupol. This system is a great CMS that falls in between those two. Providing more capabilities than WordPress and being much easier to use than Drupal. While it is easier to work with there is still a bit of a learning curve if you are willing to edit and maintain your own website. As you learn more about this system you will begin to see the possibilities of what you can do with it on your own site.

I hope that this article has helped you in differentiating the CMSs, and taught you about the web design capabilities of Joomla. Enjoy the rest.

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