Drupa: Is It An Effective CMS Product?

When it comes to the most preferred content management systems meant for the development of websites that are flexible, user friendly ad robust, Drupal is worth mentioning. As a matter of fact, this open source Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most preferred for websites of all magnitudes be they small individual blogs to large social media networks thanks to the numerous advantages it offers over its competition. Below are some reasons as to why Drupal stands out:

Proven To Be Effective

The fact that numerous world leading brands and organizations have embraced Drupal is proof enough that it has been found to be effective. This is keeping in mind that these brands, organizations and even some governments need websites that have the ability to handle massive amounts of traffic. This product has further proven itself as one that has grown since its establishment in 2001 and a very wide user base as it is downloaded approximately 200,000 times on a monthly basis. It can easily be referred to s mature.It is therefore not by accident that organizations and brands like The United Nations, Warner Bros Music, Harvard University, Yahoo, The New Zealand Government, Greenpeace etc choose to use Drupal.

The ‘Open Source’ Factor

As oppose to software that is developed and even supported by a specific company, Drupal is designed, developed and managed by an elite teams of programmers in their thousands. This comes in handy as these programmers play a crucial role in ensuring that the software stands out as the best content management system. This further brings in key advantages enjoyed by users that include numerous fantastic theme designs that are free of charge as well as services from a Drupal team that is dedicate to ensuring the system is secure, well maintained and that upgrades are available at all times.

Easily Customized

A basic Drupal website can be installed and released within an hour. This CMS is further designed to be as customizable as possible in relation to features, design, functionality and even layout. This basically means that a user has the option of having it lean or as featured as he or she may need it to be. This has led to many people referring to CMS as a Content Management Framework as a developer ha the freedom to enhance all the essential functionalities that are core to an effective site. Structuring of a Drupal website in whichever manner is possible as opposed to other CMS products that force the user to work under a paradigm that is rigid and as intended by the original developers.

Availability of Online Community Features

Drupal provides inbuilt features in its core from which authenticated website users are able to create content in regard to the level of permission as set. This way, social networking and community forums that include blogging and commenting on articles is made possible within the site without the need for third party products or even services. This is however not the case when it comes to most proprietary CMS products

Long Term Business Security

By choosing Drupal as the CMS of choice, one will have invested in business security that is of high levels. This is due to the fat that this CMS has the ability to ensure that the user has all features and functionality he or she needs within the same framework hence the ability to have total control over the system and its users with lesser complexity. It further provides a lot of flexibility when it comes to the adaption of features, functionality and design changes that may emerge in the business in the future.


With the above considerations put into consideration, it is obvious that Drupal comes with more advantages as a CMS as compared to other proprietary CMS products. The fact that it provides the user with the platform on which to work with the various features, functionalities and designs that are provided is an advantages that can not be passed whatsoever. These are some of the reasons that make this CMS product highly competitive among its peers. The fact that it is easily accessible also makes it even more popular as anyone can go online and download it. It is a CMS worth choosing.