jQuery And How It Has Revolutionized Javascript

JavaScript is a profound language used in website designing and adding various features to a site. While this language brings in several benefits and understanding it can help you gain competitive edge, it is often quite complex and requires a given level of technical knowledge. Fortunately, there are various tools and features that can be used to simplify JavaScript and reduce the amount of technical coding required. One such feature is JQuery which has become very popular. There are many others to try out although JQuery offers a much easier interface and does not require top technical knowledge to use.

What is JQuery?
It is simply a JavaScript framework or library that is designed with several features to help users to manipulate JavaScript in their websites. This small feature-rich framework enables users to achieve HTML document manipulation and traversal, animation, event handling, and Ajax with much ease. It comes with a user friendly API that works across most browsers and has forever changed how people code JavaScript.

JQuery is more like an abstract layer that takes off much functionality from script writing. With this feature, you will not have to write the many lines of JavaScript. It can be effortlessly used by people who are not JavaScript experts. It does not replace Java but basically offers syntactical shortcuts that produce JavaScript codes.

Benefits of JQuery
The advantages of using this code are quite obvious and straightforward. JavaScript is a technical language and it is quite overwhelming and time consuming to write down all the lines needed to come up with animations, DOM manipulation and AJAX calls. Even the experts admit that the language is never easy to deal with. This is where JQuery comes in. it reduces the time spent in writing lines of codes and also makes it easy for users with less technical script-writing knowledge to write JavaScript for their sites. While a bunch of other JavaScript frameworks exist in the market, JQuery is ultimately the most popular for various reasons. It is quite extendable and you will find its plugins for virtually all tasks. It is this wide range of amazing syntax and plugins that makes it such a powerful framework.

Writing script with JQuery
Scripting languages like HTML and CSS and even regular JavaScript can be written in different text editors including the Windows Notepad. However, the conventional Notepad consumes more time which is why many people prefer other text editors that support Java and depict automation features. JQuery can also be written in any text editor. It works fairly well with text editor that support Java although some special editors will allow you to reap the full potential of JQuery. It is all about the methods and parameters. To use this feature, you will need to add it to the pages where you want to take advantage of its powerful features. You can download it from the official website (www.jquery.com) and they offer two versions (production and development).

• Production version – This is the best version for a live website. It is compressed and minified taking less disk space. This is important for your website visitors, especially since they will have to download the JQuery file alongside the website.

• Development version – This is a full version that is perfect for the testing and running environment. This version makes it easy to see where errors appear on the query whenever you run it.

After downloading the framework, it should be referenced in the pages using a <script> HTML tag. It is advisable to place the jquery.js file within the same directory your page appears and reference it in the <head> section. Seasoned users of this framework use a modern way which is downloading the feature from a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Google and Microsoft both host various JQuery versions saving users the time needed to download and save the file. This also has another advantage in that users may already have the JQuery extension in their cache since the origin is from a common URL that many other websites use.

JQuery is definitely the best JavaScript framework available in the market and provides plugins for numerous tasks. It is easy to download and use with simple API that can be understood by anyone with limited scripting knowledge. Although it is advisable to use the framework from a CDN, there are situations where you may need to host JQuery on your own. This will require some skills in scripting and code placement.