MySQl The Best Programming Language to Create a Database

Structured Query Language(SQL) is a widely used database management system. The main reason behind using MySQL is that it is easy-to-use and compatible with different available operating systems. Any project that requires storing and exploiting a huge amount of data, whether it is processed or raw in nature, is generally based on MySQL. You will be surprised to know that DNA is made up of millions of nucleotides. How scientists are able to analyze such huge data efficiently? Data generated through sequencing projects is exploited with the help of My SQL. As it is easy to write SQL queries, today most of the companies, irrespective of their area or niche, are using this database language to work on a proper state. MySQL is actually a relationship database. It includes a collection of tables or items which are organized into pre-set categories or described tables from which data can be reassembled or accessed in so many varied ways without the need to reorder the database tables. The popularity of MySQL comes from the fact that these databases are not tough to create as well as access. In addition, they are also easy to extend. New data category can be augmented without the need to modify existing applications.

It is one of the widely used and best database management systems though there are number of other databases available also for example Microsoft access, Oracle,Db2 etc but MySql is still the best. We are going to discuss some of the best features of MySql which makes it great.
1. MySql supports multiple storage systems with their own capabilities for example InnoDb and MyISAM. InnoDb supports foreign keys for referential integrity and also supports ACID features while MYISAM was the default storage system in earlier versions. Performance and it s ease of use were its biggest advantages though it lacks the support of transaction.
2. MySql is a high performance database management system which works almost any kind of websites for example supposes you have a website with high traffic volume and you get millions of queries every day even in those tough situations MySql performs great in comparison to its other competitors.
3. MySql is the most robust database management systems. It provides full data integrity as it is support innoDb storage system and automatic deadlock detection.
4. MySql server is capable of securing users information. Securing company’s information or of any individual is the toughest and foremost task of Db professional, Mysql provides best security features available that ensure complete data protection. Mysql provides strong mechanism that ensures only authorized users have entry to the database server. MySql is supported by SSH and SSL which ensures safety and high security. MySql has a feature where information can be encrypted and decrypted ensuring sensitive information is hidden from undesired and unauthorized viewing.Mysql also provides best data recovery features to its user along with the third party software vendors allow complete and point in time recovery of data.
5. MySql provides a great support for application and web development company need for example support for stored procedures, triggers, functions, views etc.It provides connectors and drivers that allows almost all applications to make use of MySql. It almost doesn’t matter what programming language you are using because MySql provides every possible support to the developer and that is why it is one of the most popular database management server.
6. MySql is quiet userfriendly. It is easy to download on almost all plateforms. Once you have in your system features like auto restart and dynamic feature changes lessens most of the burden of developers and make it easy and simple to use.
7. MySql is an opensource database that means it is free to download but for enterprise edition you need to make a payment but that is also cost effective.

When building a relational database, one cannot just extend the data; he or she can even define the domain of possible values in the data column and any additional constraints which one is keen on applying to the value of data. Thus the information becomes more valuable as well as user friendly. There are so many advantages of MySQL. MySQL is very easy to use. You just need fundamental knowledge of SQL as well as database manipulation. This connotes that you do not have to spend lot of money and time on either training the existing staff, or hiring developers for rendering MySQL services.

There are not many databases which can measure up to the security offered by MySQL. It includes solid data security layers which safeguard your important information. Rights can be fixed to permit few or all privileges to either groups or individuals. The passwords are in encrypted form. The access to the database can be put under scanner by some remote machine which can completely control what any user can see. You can even lock the system via the operating system. MySQL can handle any volume of data from just few rows to even fifty million rows. The default size limit of the file is four GB. It manages the memory in a very good manner.