A freelancer is a term that is mostly used for an individual who is self-employed and isn’t necessarily committed to a specific employer for a long-term basis. Freelance workers are at times represented by companies or temporary agencies that resells the freelance labor to clients. Other freelancers work independently or even use professional websites or associations to get work.

Whether you are just hoping to earn some extra cash on the side or you just want to freelance on full-time basis, there are a lot of freelancing opportunities that can match full-time employment or even earn you more. Here are the 6

Top-Paying Freelancing Jobs:

There are several freelance writers who have managed to pull in more than 6 figures every year. Although it takes plenty of work, writing is quite easy since you do not need to have any special equipment for to get started. There are lots of sites which list several freelance writing gigs which can help you land your first client today. Translation

If you are fluent in any second language, translation services can provide a superb opportunity for freelancing. However, there are some few variables in the amount that a freelance translator can earn which can makes a major difference once you choose to specialize in this field.

Freelance photographers who specialize in wedding photography can manage to easily start their pricing at 2,000 dollars for a few hours of photograph shooting, plus editing time and then go up from there. Various photography specializations usually come with varying price tags. However, portraiture and wedding photography generally bring in most income. Social

Media Social

media might not have existed in a few years ago. Nevertheless, today’s knowledge on how social media normally works can result in a good income for freelancers. While newcomers to this field might charge around 15 dollars per hour, the experienced social media experts having proven track records can charge up to 250 dollars per hour.
Mobile Development

While web developers and designers, in general, are capable of making a lot of money from freelancing, mobile developers, to be precise, can earn a lot of money. Some corporate customers will pay over 100,000 dollars to have a single application developed. Since building the best mobile applications can take more hours to build, you shall earn the fees that you decide to charge.
Search Engine Optimization

There are few top-of-the-line specialists in SEO who charge 1,000 dollars per hour. It is more common for the high-end freelancers in the field to charge between 300 dollars and 500 dollars per hour, which is still good. People who are new to this field can still close in on 50 dollars per hour quickly provided that they are able to pick up the skills that are necessary in doing the work.


1.   There is no boss breathing down your neck because you are the boss and thus you can make your own the rules while working.
2.   Freelancing allows you to spend more of your time with family because it is not a full time job.
3.   There is job security because in case you lose your job because you slacked off or even did something stupid, you can still achieve more by hard work.
4.   It enables you to create your own hours thus you can decide to work late in the evening or early in the morning depending on your preferences.
5.   You learn a lot about personal finances because as a freelancer, you will learn how to manage your money .
6.   No daily commuting as you just have to roll out of bed, put on your slippers on and then head to the computer.
7.   With freelancing, you have complete control over all the rates that you charge
8.   You can do also choose to the work that you love be it drawing, accounting or health related projects.
9.   You can also wake up whenever you wish
10. Mobile workstations usually make work to be fun since you can work anywhere provided there is internet connection.

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