Web Design and Website Production

Web design Wolverhampton entails websites creation. This is one field that requires a lot of expertise to effect a successful production of websites that are appealing to the eye, for the purpose of product and service selling. It involves huge activities hence the sub-division into various areas with different professionals’ assigned specific tasks. These include the commonly known graphic design, user experience design and interface design among others.

During websites creation, quality and convincing information is required basing on the purpose of the website. For this reason, web designers are expected to be well versed with matters that depicts there resourcefulness. This is to say that, web designers should be well updated regarding the necessary information needed for specific website production.

Technology keeps on advancing at a very pronounced rate. Among the many areas that keep on changing, is the internet related area. This necessitated the commencement of web design. Look around your room; it’s evident enough that up to 80% of your surroundings, hypothetically speaking, were as a result of web design.

About Web and Web design

1989 to 1993 is the period when web came into being after going through a step by step progressive. Though with a lot of room for reviews and edition, web became something real worldwide. Among the renowned individuals who made the commencement of web a success were Erica Bina and Andreessen Marc who produced a browser called Mosaic which contributed to the web design advancement, incorporating features like sound and images.

Later, W3C was created, and due to continuous evolution based on the forms of strictly followed standards, it became the today JavaScript. The whole evolution was made possible by integration of HTML mark up, essential for designing web pages. From there, technology allowed the emergence of other browsers – Microsoft.

The advancement of web design was engineered by the competition for supremacy involving various browsers. The web designers incorporated HTML tables and mark-ups in the structuring of different designs. To improve the quality of these structures for clear layout and presentation, improved versions of HTML and others like CSS were used. At long last, the supremacy
fights of the browsers came to a standstill with a set of new principles to initiate effective and efficient web designing as illustrated below.

Technical Know-how and Skills

According to the stable standards of web design, the designers of webs sites are required to be highly ingenious in every level that requires their high quality expertise. They ought to have full idea of the task at hand which entails the type and purpose of the websites. By the use of proper and extensive marketing skills, they are supposed to elevate their customer satisfaction to a higher level.

 Adequate Experience

A reliable designer according to the standards should have gained enough experience in the related field in every area of the web design, for reliability purposes.  Such areas include graphic design and user interface design, among others.

 Way of Communicating

Communication is the basis of understandability. This is to say that, designers are expected to be able to converse interactively in a convincing manner and provide full assurance of satisfactory work done. Clear and accurate communication skills should also be depicted in their work concerning the purpose of whatever they are designing.

Layout of Pages and Motion Graphics

Standards compliance requires that a specific procedure should be followed when it comes to laying out the pages. This is according to
understandability of the purpose of different web designs. The size of the pages and how the pages should look like are some of the factors that the designers need to put into consideration.

On the other hand, motion should be focused on the type of the targeted audience. Animation is a good example of a design that needs motion graphics and clearly, the right audience for such designs are mostly young children.

Type of Code to be used

There should be a standardized way of coding system. Meaning that, only specific quality of codes should be used. The idea is to be able to minimize on the expected errors during the process of web designing for example, while doing home page designing.


Web design is one of the things that one needs to be able to belong in a well advanced society, and have a clear perspective of the real life, subject to the ever changing technology. For this reason, this article provides you with what you need for a start.

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The Mighty WordPress CMS

The invention of the Internet has revolutionized the communications and computer industry like nothing before. It is considered today as a global system for information dissemination. The start of the internet age opened up a horde of opportunities for computer systems developers to provide frameworks that allow people to share content efficiently through the World Wide Web from all corners of the world.

Today, there are almost a billion active websites on the Internet. Many of those websites rely on a content management systems that make is possible for web developers to publish, edit, and organize web content from a central interface. WordPress is one of the most prominent content management systems in the world today. Judging by its ease of use, efficiency and zero set up cost, it is not hard to understand why 74 million websites choose to manage their web content using this platform.

WordPress is a free and open source platform for blogging and content management. It is based on the scripting language Php and Mysql. First released by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27 2003, this platform has seen more than a decade of improvement, and growth to make it one of the most widely used content management systems. It is 2015, and its growth is not showing any signs of slowing down. So what are the advantages that it has has over similar platforms that have helped it cement its place in the Internet big players league?

Well, there are several, let me explain.


By a significant margin, this platform edges out many other content management frameworks in terms of flexibility. It has many software components known as plugins that support its integration with a wide range of useful software that perform different functions. Plugins extend the functionality of a website and are always useful tools for web development.

Inbuilt templates available for use allows web content creators to pick their desired front face design for their sites and blogs. These templates help in organizing content in a way the designer wants the viewer to see them.

The aesthetic value of a website is key in determining the appearance of published pages. WordPress has hundreds of cool free themes to choose from. Want to create your own custom themes to bring out your website as you imagine it? well, this platform allows you to do just that. You can create your own desired theme with this framework to bring out your websites appearance as you want.

Ease of use 

You do not need in-depth computing knowledge to create your own blog or website using the platform. It is cross platform and usable across all operating systems. Armed with basic computing knowledge, you can cobble up a good classy website relatively easy without breaking a sweat. Installing software for first time users is sometimes nerve wrecking. WordPress is easy to install, with a few guided steps that make it as simple as a stroll in the park. It is worth noting that it is also a self contained framework that does not require any HTML editing, and you can create a whole blog post with images, text, videos, etc, without writing a single line of HTML code.


There is a general notion that anything free compromises on quality. Well sometimes it’s true, and other times not, and WordPress is proof. You do not have to scrap your wallet dry to get the services that it offers. Being open source means that it doesn’t cost you a dime in upfront costs to access quality and highly reliable web publishing services. It may also explain the big popularity the ubiquitous platform enjoys today.

WordPress community

You are not lonely if you choose to build your online website or blog using this platform. There are millions of users online to always support and answer your questions whenever you can’t understand something concerning it. The online discussion forums support many new users in terms of sharing of valuable information and helping them solve relevant issues encountered.


Internet security is an issue today. Every day, internet criminals gain unauthorized access to many personal blogs and websites. When wordpress was in its infancy, user information security was a big concern. Today, the opposite is true. In a rapidly advancing technological world, the capability of hackers cannot be underestimated. The platform’s security measures are top notch to keep your content secure.

There are many high ranking sites active on the Internet today that employ wordpress as the content management tool. Creating your own site with this amazing system is simple and free. Its exponential growth that has happened in a decade highlights the convenience this platform offers to its users.

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Benefits Of Choosing PHP Web Development

When you choose a PHP web development company, you will find that it is something related to creating portals and dynamic web pages with the help of versatile and capable server-side scripting language called PHP. Nowadays, you can find the best PHP development services with experienced developers working for them as this platform can provide them a plethora of benefits. In addition to being beneficial for the developers, this platform is also beneficial for the owners of websites too. In addition to being open-source, it is also a feature-rich platform and it has all the functionalities that can be offered by a paid or proprietary scripting language.

Here are the details about the benefits, you can get when you choose a PHP web development company for creating a portal for your business:

1. Free of cost: Generally, when you seek the help of best PHP development services, you will find that they charge lesser and this is mainly because the platform in which they are creating the portal is available free of cost. So, they charge just for the creativity and working knowledge of the professional involved in the work. All the components in this platform are free to use and even distribute.

2. Capable: The great benefit you can enjoy when you hire a PHP developer is that the professional can design any type of portal for your business and it will be capable of handling lots of traffic too. As it is a server-side scripting platform, it can do anything that other CGI programs can do. So, your developer can create the best portal for your business.

3. Easy: Also, you can get the work done by the professional developer at a faster pace when you choose to hire a PHP developer. This is because, this is an interface that can be easily understood and handled and its code is embedded in the HTML source code, which is based on C/C++. So, the programmer can complete his job with utmost perfection and fastness.
4. Platform independent: Professional PHP web design companies will rightly accept the fact that it is an interface that can work on computers with any operating systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux.

5.Supports all major web servers: Also, professional PHP web design companies suggest their potential customers to opt for website creation in this platform, just because it can support all major web services inclusive of iPlanet Server, Personal Web Server, Netscape, Microsoft IIS, etc.
PHP have full objected oriented support and immense capacity to assemble any kind of utilization which can keep running in web program. PHP is an open source dialect and henceforth free access to the source code is accessible for your development. It can be effectively introduced and we don’t oblige paying a huge number of dollars for enlistment. The latest variant of PHP is PHP5 which is truly extremely developer well disposed and totally question oriented. PHP augmentations incorporate support for elements, for example, XML parsing, pressure utilities, dynamic era of pictures, interpretation capacities and so on.

When you are developing a web application, it becomes essential to explore options to make it popular within a short time span. In addition to the look and feel of the website, you also need to optimize its performance and scalability. So there are chances that you may ask the developer to incorporate some changes to make the PHP application more powerful. While discussing the terms of the agreement with the programmer, you must emphasize on including the options to incorporate additional changes. However, the developer may ask you to pay additionally to include the new features and functionality.

PHP can be a hard nut to pop open in terms of search engine optimization. PHP developers experience a great deal of specialized issues while making PHP
scripts taking into account SEO rules. The site pages should have been be always, and physically, altered. The web improvement industry was missing such sites that were dynamic and would upgrade consequently. The Born of PHP as a web application improvement dialect wound up this issue and the period of element (or auto redesigning destinations) has ascended subsequent to the acknowledgment of PHP as a web application advancement dialect.

Dissimilar to ASP/ASP.Net and JAVA, PHP doesn’t require any predetermined structure to assemble a web application. PHP based web applications can be produced
utilizing any IDE on any stage with any neighborhood host introduced. This implies that dissimilar to .net structure for asp applications and JVM for java based applications PHP doesn’t require any strict or indicated system or environment and this is one of the best advantages of PHP Development.

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