The Mighty WordPress CMS

The invention of the Internet has revolutionized the communications and computer industry like nothing before. It is considered today as a global system for information dissemination. The start of the internet age opened up a horde of opportunities for computer systems developers to provide frameworks that allow people to share content efficiently through the World Wide Web from all corners of the world.

Today, there are almost a billion active websites on the Internet. Many of those websites rely on a content management systems that make is possible for web developers to publish, edit, and organize web content from a central interface. WordPress is one of the most prominent content management systems in the world today. Judging by its ease of use, efficiency and zero set up cost, it is not hard to understand why 74 million websites choose to manage their web content using this platform.

WordPress is a free and open source platform for blogging and content management. It is based on the scripting language Php and Mysql. First released by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on May 27 2003, this platform has seen more than a decade of improvement, and growth to make it one of the most widely used content management systems. It is 2015, and its growth is not showing any signs of slowing down. So what are the advantages that it has has over similar platforms that have helped it cement its place in the Internet big players league?

Well, there are several, let me explain.


By a significant margin, this platform edges out many other content management frameworks in terms of flexibility. It has many software components known as plugins that support its integration with a wide range of useful software that perform different functions. Plugins extend the functionality of a website and are always useful tools for web development.

Inbuilt templates available for use allows web content creators to pick their desired front face design for their sites and blogs. These templates help in organizing content in a way the designer wants the viewer to see them.

The aesthetic value of a website is key in determining the appearance of published pages. WordPress has hundreds of cool free themes to choose from. Want to create your own custom themes to bring out your website as you imagine it? well, this platform allows you to do just that. You can create your own desired theme with this framework to bring out your websites appearance as you want.

Ease of use 

You do not need in-depth computing knowledge to create your own blog or website using the platform. It is cross platform and usable across all operating systems. Armed with basic computing knowledge, you can cobble up a good classy website relatively easy without breaking a sweat. Installing software for first time users is sometimes nerve wrecking. WordPress is easy to install, with a few guided steps that make it as simple as a stroll in the park. It is worth noting that it is also a self contained framework that does not require any HTML editing, and you can create a whole blog post with images, text, videos, etc, without writing a single line of HTML code.


There is a general notion that anything free compromises on quality. Well sometimes it’s true, and other times not, and WordPress is proof. You do not have to scrap your wallet dry to get the services that it offers. Being open source means that it doesn’t cost you a dime in upfront costs to access quality and highly reliable web publishing services. It may also explain the big popularity the ubiquitous platform enjoys today.

WordPress community

You are not lonely if you choose to build your online website or blog using this platform. There are millions of users online to always support and answer your questions whenever you can’t understand something concerning it. The online discussion forums support many new users in terms of sharing of valuable information and helping them solve relevant issues encountered.


Internet security is an issue today. Every day, internet criminals gain unauthorized access to many personal blogs and websites. When wordpress was in its infancy, user information security was a big concern. Today, the opposite is true. In a rapidly advancing technological world, the capability of hackers cannot be underestimated. The platform’s security measures are top notch to keep your content secure.

There are many high ranking sites active on the Internet today that employ wordpress as the content management tool. Creating your own site with this amazing system is simple and free. Its exponential growth that has happened in a decade highlights the convenience this platform offers to its users.

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Designing A Website Using A CMS

Every business should have a website, even if your business is a one man operation. If you’ve got an older website dating back to the 90’s, it’s time to update your page to something more modern. The best way to do this is with a CMS, or Content Management System like WordPress. A CMS is basically a framework you can use to easily put up a website without having to know any specific web technologies. Using a CMS, you can design a professional-looking site without the help of a web developer.


Why Should I Use A CMS?

A Content Management System is practically a necessity nowadays for corporate web designing purposes. Few companies are small enough such that a non-dynamic website will suffice. A CMS makes organizing your pages convenient and easy. Many Content Management Systems started out as blogging platforms, and gradually became popular with designers for crafting full-fledged websites. As such, using a CMS to add regular updates to your website is fairly simple. In addition, a CMS is optimized by default to help your website rank well in the search engine results.


How A CMS Works

Basically, a CMS is a set of templates that can be used to generate dynamic content specific to the user that’s viewing them. They’re more

or less designed to be interactive by default. So if you need a platform that allows users to register for an account that they can log into later, the CMS is your best bet. A CMS usually has a simple and intuitive back-end administrative interface that allows the administrator to modify the website without having to manually program anything.


Customizing A CMS For Your Company’s Website

Installing a CMS on a web host is a simple and painless process. Usually, installation can be accomplished with a few short mouse clicks. If you feel like playing around with one of the many popular CMSs available, there are plenty of tutorials online to guide you through the process. Once you’re up and running, all you have to do is choose a theme you like, tack on a few plugins, and you’re done.

At this point, Content Management Systems have been fool-proofed to the point where anyone can set one up and configure it to their liking

without much effort. They’re secure, reliable, user friendly, and typically free. Unless you need extremely unique and specific features, a quality CMS should satisfy your corporate web designing needs quite nicely. If you need to create a new corporate website or update an aging one, using a CMS is your surest path to success.


Good Deal of Benefits on the Offering If One Selects CMS Web Development:

Easy Content Management:

Content Management systems have made the process of managing content easy and simple. There is no such complex programming that needs to be undertaken to make the changes to the site content. A user compatible user panel lets website owners to make the necessary changes as and when they wish for. What’s more is that, the systems are very simple to use and allows even a non-technical savvy people to use them comfortably after a bit of practice.


No Time Loss:

If you don’t have access to a content management system CMS, you would certainly have no better option than contacting a website developer in order to make the minute changes of the content. This no doubt requires lots of time. In this situation, CMS website development comes as a big success these days. One can modify, update or even remove website content as per his or her wish. So, this means you can yourself be in control of your content without even relying on the web developer. People are now looking to keep the charge of their website in their hand and that’s why they are still so popular.


Pretty Affordable:

Quality work, Budget and functionality are the main things that one expects to gain before planning to get any website designed. The CMS platforms used by the developers these days are pretty affordable. So, if anyone plans to get his/ her website designed there seems no better option than choosing open source web design.


Hence, CMS web development helps in controlling what goes in and around your website. It ensures better control, customization, efficiency and better security. It is these factors which contributes a lot towards making the website more worthy, efficient and profitable.

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