The Benefits of Google Fonts and How to Use Them

Why Google Fonts?

Google web fonts have unique characteristics, are available on a gratis basis and exist in open repositories provided by efficient Google servers. It is a distinct collection of open-source fonts with
both hosting and serving, a tectonic shift in web design. They come in handy for new websites as they are easily obtained without the risks associated with copyrights. The option has sprouted as a shot in the arm for non-profit websites as they can use fonts while not paying for licenses, autonomous bandwidth hosting and futuristic growth of expenses driven by surging visits. With the fonts, web site owners no longer need hefty cash to jumpstart their online activities.

Advantages of Google Fonts

Unpaid Services

Google’s open source web fonts pave way for website owners whose budgets are restricted. Google fonts are highly germane in many situations in web design. By the same token, the web fonts have no license requirements in addition to free services. You do not have to upload files onto a separate server as fonts are serviceable by Google. This includes offshoot services like Edge Web Fonts offered by Adobe in conjunction with Google. This service allows you to easily retrieve and use the free fonts with increasing Adobe applications.

Diverse Options

Google fonts are compatible with a broad scope of websites across the website. There are plenitude font nomenclature options, including appearance, weights, italics and font tone selected from a wide variety to disseminate information to surfers. Additionally, a highly coherent, broader scope of applied characters means effective customer support and precise portrayal of intended information. The quality of fonts is shored up by loads of multilingual glyphs and multiple web browsing formats.

Easy to Use

Google fonts are gaining ground online owing to their simplicity, for instance, there is no bandwidth and page view restriction. It works without a JavaScript code while performance-powered fonts load rapidly. Embedding options are flexible. One can download fonts for use in typical concepts and serves fonts above SSL.


The fonts offer developers a stream of web fonts which are available at the click-of-the-button, all you need is need is internet connection. Unlike traditional safe fonts, users do not need antecedent web fonts installed beforehand for a website to function with Google fonts or display effectively. Similarly, loading time is lessened for a font to load where a computer lacks similar font. Google’s fonts give more options and do not pose inordinate loading time.

How to Use Google Fonts

Undoubtedly, the most useful approach to boost results is applying filtering options. This is helpful if you understand the typeface to be implemented. For example, where a handwritten font is used, other types should be deactivated from results. Google also allows users to interpose tweaks depending on thickness, slope and character (s) width. Choose a suitable font that is tailored to meet your needs.

You may want to click Quick Use to explore any font. This lands you on a page depicting how to use a font. Click the Pop-out button to access additional information about each font. For multiple fonts, use the feature labeled “Collection”. As you go through various fonts, click “Add-to-Collection” and confirm the font in the roster shown at the base of the screen. Subsequently, “bookmark”/”download” the collection roster or opt for Review or Use options at the screen’s bottom.

A roster of fonts is accessible by clicking the “use” button. This shows a collection of selected fonts with an option to either activate or deactivate. There is a nifty meter to estimate the impacts of fonts on page loading time. At this juncture, fonts are implemented by simply copy-pasting a relevant code. There are three options for nascent embed, including Standard, CSS and JavaScript.

The Bottom Line

Google fonts are available in a voluminous font library with excellent performance at no costs. The open source font typefaces are elegant and robust. Google Web Fonts API are easily and freely available to embed performance-inspired fonts in any website. Google offers a viable option if you lack the option of embedding your own fonts with CSS. Developers are finding the fonts useful citing different family variations, glyphs, character alternates and much more. The fonts are ideal if you are short of choices or on the verge of launching a web campaign.