Web Designing and the Latest Trends

When everything in the world is going digital and the online is getting bigger than ever, web designers want to give their best to the customers. They want to control every aspect of designing and this is the reason we see new techniques, platforms and languages being developed that can give more control to web designers.

One of the latest tools that web developers are turning to is CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS are directives for the browsers that tell them how the page should display on the web. Using the cascading style sheets, web designers can even specify very specific details so that the web page looks exactly like it’s demanded by the customer. CSS web designers are in demand these days and if you know anything related to CSS, you have a lot of job opportunities that await you.

Besides using CSS while designing websites, there are other trending things that you guys must have noticed especially if you have the eye for such things. Let’s have a look at some of the latest trends that are gaining popularity in the web designing sector.

  1. Simplicity is the New Fashion

The days of old websites that contained a lot of complex features are over. People already have lives that are too complex. When they come on the web, they don’t want more complexity. If your website is really complex looking, it doesn’t mean you are good. It means you just don’t know how to simplify it. The more simple your website, the more people will like it. Looks like the designers have realized this and you will see that websites are becoming simpler and simpler.

  1. A Lot of Custom Photography

Images speak more than words. It stands true for the online world at least. If you post a picture of friends enjoying a pizza, no matter what you write, the picture will have more effect. You must have noticed a lot of high quality professional images being posted on websites. This is the new trend folks and in my point of view, your custom photography definitely makes a good impression.

  1. Hidden Main Menus

Websites used to have a lot of menus. Even if you travel two years back in time, you will see that people preferred more menus as they thought it made you look large and professional. But that is no more the case. In quest to create more simpler and user-friendly websites, designers and people alike prefer hidden menus on the website.

  1. Websites with Long Pages

Gone are the days when people created small front pages of the website. The latest trend is to create websites that have longer pages with easy scrolling. Long scrolling pages give you more space to sell yourself and they make the website look friendlier. These pages are necessary because the people like a brand that is friendly. You will see more and more such websites in the near future.

  1. No more Big Header Images

About 4 to 5 years ago the trend of having large background header images started but since then the trend has seen a lot of decline. You will now see many web pages that look really cool without a header image. The new trend is to write big text instead.

  1. High Quality Servers for More Speeds

If the website doesn’t open in the next 5 seconds, the viewer will most likely go away. Keeping this in minds, people now prefer high quality servers that can provide good browsing speed to their viewers. Many of the big website companies sell their servers on this point.

  1. Centered Layouts

Centered layouts are becoming more and more popular. It is easier to navigate in them and they provide a more symmetric view of the website. Viewers find it easy to navigate on them and hence the centered layouts are preferred nowadays.

  1. Interactive Websites

As the speeds of communication have increased, it has become easier for developers to build an interactive website. These interactive websites convey much more information and are a great way to catch the interest of viewers. You will see many interactive websites on the internet in the days to come.


Web designing has evolved over the past few years and now people tend to develop websites that have feelings like humans. More and more user-friendly websites are preferred and hence the quality of websites has increased. The quality will continue to increase if the developers keep this approach and soon we will have websites that will be much better than today.